A very special baby card!

Baby cards are the hardest for me to make. Mostly because I don’t have a lot of stamps or dies or embossing folders to create cards with. But I had a request for a baby card. This was an extra special request for someone who is near and dear to my heart. So I created 4 fun baby cards today and I can’t wait to share them with you. But today I am only going to show you one of the four cards. It is the one that I instantly started designing it when my friend asked for the card.

So here is a little back story. My friend(who asked for a baby card) had a teenage daughter who loved my littlest daughter. They were quite the pair. The loved each other so very much. Their bond was something extra special and I thank God for the time that they got to spend together. Very sadly, my friends daughter was murdered 3 years ago. It was a random act of violence and a horrific day for everyone who knew this sweet teen! My little was heartbroken, try explaining to 4 year old why someone would take her best friend away from her. I am an adult and I don’t understand why someone would take someone else’s life. For the past three years there has been so many questions, so many random thoughts about her, so many little talks about what she doing in Heaven. Today while I was making this card I couldn’t help but think about this wonderful girl and wonder what she would have been like as a young adult (actually I don’t have to wonder, I know she would have been wonderful!) But I got to think about her, I got to think about how my little and her teen would have had a bond like no other, if she was still with us! While this is hard for anyone to comprehend, I can’t imagine, what my friend has gone through the last 3 years. While she has had some awful, raw, sad moments, lots and lots of tears, she has made so much good come out of this awful tragedy. So she called me the other day and she told me what she was wanting to do. On her daughters birthday, which is coming up here in a few days, she is going to go to the local hospital and drop off a gift basket for a Mom who delivered on her daughters birthday. She asked me to make the card for it. Of course, I didn’t even hesitate! My mind started spinning with ideas immediately! This sweet teen was such a free spirit, she loved unicorns, tie-dye and Birkenstocks. So my first thought is a unicorn. I just happen to have a stamp and a matching die to make this little unicorn. Now I don’t think this is a real traditional baby card, but it works!

So here is how I made this card. I first started by stamping and heat embossing the unicorn and running it through my die cutting machine. I have the gemini jr and I love it! I colored the unicorn in with alcohol inks and a little sparkle with a glitter pen. I then got out my distress oxide broken glass ink from Time Holtz and a stencil of clouds from MFT (there is a link the right ——>) I used the stencil and ink to blend the color on the card to make the clouds. I then took the same die to cut the unicorn and placed that on the front of the card base and cut it out. I used a Simon Says sentiment stamp that says ” welcome little one” and glued that to the front. I then placed a pop dot behind the unicorn and placed him in the cut out on the front of the card. When you open this up the unicorn stays on the inside. I stamped Congratulations underneath and added some sparkles that are flat to the front of the card. This card total reminded me our sweet teen friend. Today was good day of card making! Lots of smiles and thoughts and it just made my day! Hope you have a great evening! Your job tonight, when you sit down to craft is to think of someone who will inspire you, make a card for them!

Paper Hugs!


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