Center step hello card

So I am pretty sure I have mentioned this a time or two but, I like pretty things. This is one of my most very favorite cards I have EVER made! I love the colors, the textures, the little flowers and pearls and I am obsessed with this fold. It is called a center step fold. There are several ways to accomplish this fold. One you could cut it out by hand, you could use your Silhouette or Cricut to cut it out or you could use a die. I purchased a die from Divinity designs awhile back and this die has been such a life saver!

This is the die from Divinity Designs

So I cut this shape out using the above die. It also cut out all the coordinating pieces that go with it. I cut these out of some pretty printed paper that I had on hand. I then embossed the middle tile of printed paper. I cut out of a circle shape the pink flower paper and I used another die that I had, to cut out the frame. I glued these together. I adhered it to the front of the card and started working up from there. I added some embellishments but not all of them. I needed to layer these embellishments. I cut out of brown cardstock the banners and the word hello (out of white) from another die. I glued these two together with some strong liquid glue. I then added the rest of the embellishments (flowers and pearls). On the inside of the card I cut some extra printed paper and white cardstock to make the inside look nice too.

Someone very special is going to get this card. I love it so much, that I think I will make some more of these. I sure hope you enjoyed learning about this fold. There are a lot of Youtube videos to watch on how to cut by hand this kind of card. Here is the link below for the die.


Sending you warm Paper Hugs today!

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  1. Judy Stabell

    Lovely card, Heather!!

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