I miss hugging!

I am a hugger….there I said it. I miss hugging people!!! So the next best thing is to send a hug in a card. Today I am sharing with you a card that says it all…Sending a huge HUG!

As you can tell, I am really into using my Alta New Stencil a lot lately. For someone who is just starting out with stencils (like me) this is a good first one. I have ordered others and am (sorta) waiting patiently for them to come. ANYWAY, I am also waiting for some stencil paste to arrive. So since I didn’t have any on hand, I thought to myself…..self, you have so many other things, what could you try to achieve the look you are going for. Light bulb moment here…..stickles!

So, I knew that I wanted a sentiment to be stamped right to the front of the card. But I didn’t want it to be on to of the stencil. So I cut out a piece of scrap paper that was as big as my sentiment. I placed a piece of low tack tape underneath to hold it down while I used my stencil. I then placed my stencil and used three different colors to ink blend. Once that was dry, while still keeping the scrap piece of paper in place, I laid the stencil down again, lining it up. I then took some stickle and put it on the edge of a palate knife and scrapped it across the stencil. Once I had covered the whole stencil, I removed it and did a little happy dance because it worked! I then put this aside and started working on the stamped image.

I used a stamp set by Simon Says stamps called Hugs. I stamped this image and colored it in with a sparkle pen and alcohol inks. I then cut it out with it’s coordinating die and cut out a few extra with white cardstock. I glued three layers of this together. This will raise the image off the center of the card just a bit. Now that the background is dry, I removed the scrap piece of paper and stamped ” sending a huge” sentiment in the open part. On the inside of the card I stamped, Paper hug!

That’s it. This card was fast, and fun. I love using what I have on hand to see if something will work for me. I have a lot of stickles laying around and love that they worked so well with the stencil. One tip for you, if you do use stickles with stencils, be sure to wash the stencil as soon as you are done, stickles are glue. So it will leave the stencil sticky if you don’t wash it. Now, off to your space to create this card and try something that you have and see if it will work for you, instead of buying something new.

Paper Hugs!

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