New product to play with!

Giddy! That is what I would call myself this weekend. I was giddy about playing with the new stencils and the stencil mousse I got to play with. It was so much fun. It turned out so pretty, I just want to sit and stare at it. I am tactile person! I love soft, smooth, raised textures. This card is one of those things. I got the new Nuvo expanding mousse and a Tim Holtz stencil. Together they made this beautiful card!

So like I said I am tactile person BUT I don’t like messy things. Even though this product was a little on the messy side and it is a product that I have never used before, it was still a lot of fun and TOTALLY worth the mess. I can’t wait to use it again! Lets get started.

I started with a scrap piece of white cardstock. I found my palette knife and opened up this amazing mousse. I took a small scoop and made sure it was on the back of the palette knife. I spread it across the top of the stencil that I had positioned earlier on the white cardstock. I made sure all of the surface that I wanted covered, was covered. I set it aside to dry. I did not use my heat tool on this card, but this expanding mousse used with a heating tool, gives a completely different look.

For the card base, I wanted to use a cream color, because that is what the color of the paste kinda dried to. So I cut it to a 4.25x 5.5 size. I then laid it on my scoring tool and scored it at 5.5 and I also made 3 score marks a little lower on the card. I stamped in black versa mark ink the word sympathy and then used clear embossing powder to give it a more elegant look. I also stamped “with heartfelt” on a separate piece of paper and added a black backing on it. I set all this aside and took the stenciled piece and put a black backing on it as well. I then glued all the piece together and to the card. This card is so elegant and pretty in person. Really, the pictures don’t do it justice. So my advice to you today, is do something different. Make a card using a product you have ever used before. It is so much fun and who knows you might fall in love with it and want to sit and stare at it like I do with this card!

Paper Hugs!

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